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Incorrect Budget Reports due to Phantom Expenses

n8sabesn8sabes Member ✭✭
edited June 2020 in Using Quicken on the Web
Budget Reports on Quicken Web are incorrect. I've attached a screenshot with a budget category showing $22 in expenses against a $75 budget, but no transactions. There appears to be phantom expenses somewhere charged against this budget category.

The same inaccurate result shows up in Quicken Mobile (iOS), which appears to just be a reflection of the web app. I use Quicken for Mac, Mobile (iOS), and Quicken on the Web. I have synced, re-synced, tried to recategorize on the web / mobile, and various things without any luck to get an accurate total.

I will try a few things in the interim and circle back with any findings, but I welcome any suggestions.


  • n8sabesn8sabes Member ✭✭
    edited July 2020
    *** RESOLUTION ***

    After some experimentation, here is what corrected the problem:

    1. Duplicate "Budget", which creates "Budget - Copy"

    2. Sync to Mobile (cloud)

    3. Web and mobile should now show correct reporting on "Budget - Copy". Note, this *might* also correct the original broken budget too, which means you are done and can simply delete the copy, otherwise proceed to steps 4-6.

    4. Delete the original (broken) Budget

    5. Rename Budget - Copy to "Budget"

    6. Sync to Mobile

    NOTE: Backing up and Restoring the file did not work, but was tried prior to the steps above. If the steps above do not work, try the Backup and Restore, then try the steps 1-6 again.

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