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QMac 5.17

This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken for Mac v5.17 has been released.


  • GoBears
    GoBears Member
    Quicken Mac 5.17 has a completely new look to reports.

    1 The Recently Opened Reports selection should display the most recently opened at the top of the list. Currently, it places them in alphabetical order, which isn't ideal for "recently opened".

    2 The Recently Opened Reports should have a right click selection to have the ability to remove it from that list. Not delete the report...just remove it from the list. Without the ability to sort, this list could get very large and may require scrolling to find the report I would need. By allowing removal from the most Recently Opened list, I can "weed out" reports I open but use very infrequently.

    3 The All Reports (and all other Reports selections) should add a column that states Last Opened date. Then allow that to be a sortable column so that the most recent can be at the top or bottom of the list. The user could then have the option to sort by name or last opened date. Just like sortable columns in the transaction register.

    If a moderator wants to change this to a proposed idea/enhancement, that would be fine too.

    Thank you.
  • Quicken Marcus
    Quicken Marcus Administrator, Employee ✭✭✭✭
    GoBears, hopefully, you got your answer already but in case people stumble on this post, v5.17 does have a column for Opened.  Just Control + Click (or right-click) the table header and you can turn this column on and then sort by the Opened column.  We also have Created and Edited date columns.
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