Add the ability to store the Check Style based on the selected checking account

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I use Quicken for both personal and business which requires two different check styles. How hard would it be to be able save both depending on the type check.
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    IIRC, someone else may have mentioned this before.
    And I concur, being able to save Check Style setup options individually for each Checking account would solve your problem and make life a lot easier.
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    Until we hear back from the programmers ... this could take a looooong while ... how about a workaround?
    Use the same Check Style for both business and personal accounts, perhaps Voucher checks for both?

    My 2cents' worth:
    I use Voucher checks (1 business size check + 2 stubs on an 8.5x11 sheet). My printers do not have a manual feed tray or 2nd paper tray that can easily be reconfigured to feed partial pages (1 or 2 checks left from a 3-checks-per-page sheet), so for my occasional check printing needs voucher checks are easiest to use.
    When considering your own check stock to use, consider how easy or difficult it is to feed special forms or odd-size partial pages into your printer when making a purchase decision for a new supply of checks.