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Setting up Quicken for the Web

I have Quicken preferences set to sync. It does sync to my phone. I notice that preferences for setup says sync can be turned for mobile or web. Does that really mean OR? You can have one or the other? Sync has been on for a while, but the website shows no synced financial accounts. Should there be any?

Thanks very much for any assistance.


  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Actually it can't be set to sync for mobile or web.  It is always for both or none.
    The reason is because it really doesn't sync with either.

    Quicken Desktop syncs your information with the "Quicken cloud account".  It is what holds the data on the server.  Quicken Mobile and Quicken Web are the "GUIs" that view that data.

    And the Quicken cloud account (actually the server that maintains it) also will download transactions from the financial institution(s) and maybe sync that data back to the Desktop.

    As in say you are on vacation and not using Quicken Desktop for awhile.  Then the Quicken server will get the new transactions from the financial institutions and keep the accounts up to date.  When you get back to using Quicken Desktop that data will be synced back to the Quicken Desktop data file.  Of course if you are updating on Quicken Desktop it is also fetching these transactions and then syncing to the Quicken cloud account so you might not notice the Quicken servers trying to do the same thing unless you can monitor what is logging into your financial institution accounts.
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
  • Thank you Chris. So that raises the question, how do I get my accounts to show up on the web? It says there are no accounts there. Preferences doesn’t offer anything except turning on the accounts, which have been on for some time. What else would I have to do to get them to appear?

    Thanks again.
  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    You select which accounts sync from the Desktop to the Quicken cloud account by going to the Mobile & Web tab and selecting the accounts from there.  Then on your next sync they should appear in Mobile/Web.
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
  • Puzzling. I have been syncing for quite some time and sync works correctly between the iOS and Mac, but Quicken for the Web shows no accounts.
  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    @[email protected]  Well in theory that should never happen, what accounts you see on Quicken Mobile should also be one Quicken Web.  I suggest you contact Quicken support so they can figure out what is going on.  One thought is you are getting "nothing" on Quicken Web then your web browser is blocking it displaying the web pages.

    Contact Quicken Support
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
  • Thanks very much Chris for following up. I'll try a different browser first. I'm using Safari at the moment.
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