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Projected Balances graph and closing balances are so WRONG!?

Quicken ver 2020_R27.28 build

My projected balances graph and closing balances are way of due to what appears to be a wrong amount being deducted for my mortgage. I have photos demonstrating this, but my mortgage payment is 1801.72 and is listed as 1801.72 on the amount column of the Upcoming Bills and Income section of the projected balances window, however the listed value under the dot on the graph is 2541.58 and the amount of the difference between the closing balances column before and after my mortgage payment for said date is 2541.58 again instead of 1801.72. The photos are probably more helpful, but not seeing a way to attach here.


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    @[email protected] - You can attach files when you are creating a post (or responding to one) by clicking on the icon in the bar above the entry field circled in red.  Once you get 50 points accumulated in your Community profile you can attach an image by clicking on the blue circled icon.:
    I've got a couple of ideas about what might be causing your issue but I'd like to hold off on making comment until after I see your photos to avoid going down the wrong path on this.
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