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Ok, I understand for us Q2017 users and earlier, no more "auto" downloads from banks, credit cards, etc., and will no longer be supported. However, manual downloading of data has also been "neutralized".

Essentially, Quicken is corning us to sign up for the web version for an annual subscription rate if we want to save our fingers from manually entering our transactions.

In addition, once you are on the web version, if you don't sign up annually, your data becomes "frozen" and you no longer can access it! In essence, you must sign up in perpetuity. Feels more like checkmate!

Ok, I understand that a company has to make money, etc. However, I bought a stand alone package with certain attributes, I did not expect the attributes to be downgraded with no choices to me. Remember, the program updates were automatic - WE HAD NO CHOICE!
Had I been given a choice to stop updates and keep manual downloads I would of taken it.

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    Quicken Subscription works exactly the same as Quicken 2017. It's still a desktop software product with your data residing on your desktop. Quicken Mobile and Quicken on the Web are optional.

    What is discontinuation? What Quicken services will be discontinued?

    Quicken products contain online services such as transaction download and online bill pay. A purchase of a Quicken product license includes the ability to use these online services until the discontinuation date (listed in the chart above).

    On the corresponding date for your Quicken product, these connected services will expire and be discontinued:

    • Online bill pay
    • Downloading and/or importing financial data
    • Downloading stock quotes, news headlines and other financial information into Quicken
    • Uploading portfolio information from Quicken to Quicken.com
    • Live Support
    • Software patches and updates
    You can still import QIF files manually.

    Also, only Quicken Starter comes into Read Only mode if your subscription expires. All other versions let you enter data manually though there is a large renewal screen.

    Good luck with your class-action suit. You agreed to the Quicken EULA when you installed it.

    Quicken Subscription HBRP - Windows 10
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