Summary of Bugs in Canada H&B Version R25.24

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Hi Folks long time Quicken user, short time with Canadian H&B version (R25.24). I am actually an Australian user and extensively tested both US and Canadian version to work out which one to use. In the process noticed planned and unplanned differences between the 2. The purpose of this post is to see if others have same issues or not. I have validated, super validate etc. No errors in my file or setup. My data file goes back 27 years.

Business - Several problems with the invoice design form as follows;

• When in 'Design Invoice Forms' dialog, and change any element; but then cancel out of dialog to quit any changes made, dialog asks "save changes", click "No" and it closes but main Quicken window remains in 'background' and cannot be accessed. The only way to recover is to quit Quicken using Windows Task Manager - end task? This is completely repeatable on my installation. Only saving grace is that the invoice would not need to be edited very often. Do others have this issue? [logged with support ticket]

• Unlike US version, in 'Design Invoice Forms' dialog, clicking on invoice element hyperlink name on left side list, or clicking element settings cog wheel does nothing. In US version this is how each item is updated. By clicking these it brings up dialog for changing settings on that item. Work around is that you have to highlight on right pane and right click select properties. Why is different b/w US and CA? [logged with support ticket]

• "Balance Due" hard coded on bottom of invoice and never shows a different amount than total. Even if there are prepayments by that customer. Redundant. Documented by other posts elsewhere from 2 years ago, but still in R25.24.

• Business AR / AP (Customer Payment / Bills) accounts get moved to plain liability & asset accounts (with no invoice forms) if they are synched online, or you are upgrading file from previous version to 2020 R25.24 - as was my case. Documented in other posts, and there is a "Process" to recover but can be tedious fixing reconciled transactions etc. If these accounts are not synch they are left alone and remain as AR/AP. Work around is to not have them on cloud synch.

• New Business Wizard, set up new accounts (to recover from above) or with new file etc. Quicken does not automatically flag these AR/AP accounts for GST accruals. Invoices and bills do not show that GST or Tax code fields. Have to manually go to Edit Account Details and set both of them as "Tax-Tracking Enabled" which then turns on GST fields in Invoice and bills forms. Major trap for young players! Simple fix could save many support calls. Not even sure if developers are aware of this one?


• In Security Detail dialog (not matter which path to acces, Portfolio or menus) which shows the price, value graph and history. The button on right, at top of price graph "More Charting" does nothing. Also the "Online Research " menu in the top middle of the dialog box frame does nothing - all 4 of the options do nothing. In the US version "More Charting" brings up a HTML Dialog to select securities you want and then goes out to Yahoo Finance on the web and presents a price history graph for whatever timeframe you selected. The other 4 items on menu also go to Yahoo Finance research pages. In Canadian R25.24 they all do nothing. If this was not meant to be a function in Canada version why put the options there. Why should they not work exactly the same as US version. Therefore this is a bug. [logged with support ticket]


• Banking/Cash Flow reports seems to move categories around on the expense or income summaries. Possibly ignore category type, and instead use Tax or Category Group to decide how to group them. For example my Wage and Salary amounts appear not as income, but as a negative expense. I have about 5 or so expense categories that are coincidently tax deductable, but instead of appearing as expense lines they appear as 'negative income'. The Income/Expense layout of reports do not have this problem. I have posted elsewhere about this as "Categories all over the place...". Still investigating this. I have edited some categories to try to fix this, but still does not explain the different treatment b/w Report, Banking, Cashflow - Organised by Cashflow basis vs. Income / Expense basis. Important because these reports are the basis for Home screen Income vs. Expense graphs and drill down. Also impacts Spending analysis tabs and reports which ignores 'negative expense items' this creates. [logged with support ticket]

Not an exhaustive list but the just so Quicken & Developers know - we are still impacted by bugs and user are still expecting work to be completed. This used to be a mature product? ..

Let me know are others seeing these in Canadian R25.24?
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