Biller Descriptions in Bill Manager Need More Detail

I've transitioned to Bill Manager from Quicken Bill Pay, and things seem to be working OK, but one thing that is confusing is that if you have multiple accounts with the same biller, the descriptions for all of them in Bill Manager look the same. For example, my wife and I have credit cards with the same two banks. The Bill Manager descriptions for these billers just lists the bank and the amount due, but its impossible to tell which of our credit cards this bill is for. Is there a way to add a more detailed description for each biller added in Bill Manager. For example, Citibank--My Mastercard, or Chase--My VISA, etc.


  • rosslucas
    rosslucas Member
    I’m having the same issue. Multiple credit cards at the financial institution. It only finds one during the setup process.
  • rosslucas,

    You may need to set up separate userids and password for each credit card. Once I did that, Bill Manager does set them up separately. I still have the problem that there is no way to distinguish the two cards on the bill manager main page as they both show up under the bank's name and logo. I can of course figure out which is which by logging into the bank's website and looking at the statements, but it would be much more convenient to just be able to recognize immediately which card is which with just a short description.
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