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Why are some transactions missed when updating from my bank account?

When I update from my bank account some transactions do not update. I then have to manually insert the transaction and then it cannot be reconciled as there is no matching downloaded transaction. Why are some transactions missed and why can a manual input not be reconciled?

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  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    By any chance are the missing transactions the same as other transactions on the same day?

    For instance a person that pays a toll fee going and returning from work, which would have the same payee and amount.

    Also for the record what financial institution is this is?
    And what is the connection method?  (you can find this by looking at the top of the account register or by Ctrl+a and then look at the Transaction Download column)
    It will will be either Web Connect, Express Web Connect, or Direct Connect (actually for Canadian Windows I don't think there are any financial institutions that support this one)
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
  • adpearsadpears Member
    Hi Chris, it's Express Web Connect and the institution is TDCanadaTrust. Sometimes it's individual transactions, for example it missed my Visa bill payment on both accounts (chequing and Visa) and other times it's a whole raft of transactions from, for example 10th Dec to 19th Dec, 21st Dec to 6th Jan and 3rd Feb to 24th Feb. The version is actually Quicken Deluxe. As you can see this has been going on a while but it has taken me til now to do something about it!
  • adpearsadpears Member
    On my chequing account I can go back 18 months and to the beginning of the year for my Visa. I have tried to "re-update" but to no avail. Thanks for your help and I will contact Quicken Support. Andy
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