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Change default account and bills?

Hi all, I have just started playing around with Quicken on the Web. It's pretty nice! I have three questions from my work so far -

(1) I use QWin Premier, although I did at one point play around with QMac but stopped quickly as the lack of BoughtX and SoldX support in the file conversion made my investment balances too much of a mess. Anyway, when I log into Web, it always is pointing to an empty Mac file under Profile, and telling me I need to Sync - I click on the Windows version in Profile which has been sync'd, and all is fine. Is there a way to either set my Windows version as the default, or delete the Mac version from Web knowing about it, to save some steps?

(2) Is there any support for Bills? I don't see any. If not, any plans announced or rumored :-) 

(3) Is there a place I should watch, a blog for example, to stay in tune with the latest news and plans on Web? 



  • Don AwaltDon Awalt Member ✭✭✭✭
    Sorry, I have a 4th question I forgot - I have one bank that every time I log in it puts up a screen to "Update credentials", which goes fine but it's a pain. Is there a way to fix this, so it doesn't ask every time I log in?
  • Quicken HughQuicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @Don Awalt
    Thank you for posting. 
    1) When using your Windows computer, open your working Quicken data file. Within Quicken > Edit > Preferences. In the pop-up box, in the left-hand column, select Mobile & Web. From the right-hand pane, click on the blue-text "Reset your cloud data". 

    2) "Is there any support for Bills?"

    Yes, but your question is a bit unclear as to your exact meaning. Are you referring to setting up the Quicken Bill Manager, a Bill Reminder or something else?

    3) "Is there a place I should watch, a blog for example, to stay in tune with the latest news and plans on Web?"

    The Announcements page of Community.Quicken.com is a great place to stay up-to-date on what's happening with the Quicken software

    It is exceedingly rare for Quicken to announce new functions/features before an official roll-out.

    Any third party website/blog that purports to know future Quicken product development plans should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

    4) Is there a way to fix the "update credentials" requirement?

    Maybe, it depends. Your Financial Institution might offer some trigger on their website to allow you to "white list" Quicken, so that you don't have to update your credentials each time, or you might be able to bypass Multi Factor Authentication each time you update the accounts at this FI. This would depend on how the IT Dept of your FI set up their systems, more so than how Quicken is designed. (If available from your FI, using a Direct Connect connection may help in this regard.)

  • Don AwaltDon Awalt Member ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Quicken Hugh thanks for the reply! I think it's straightened out. Here is what I think worked, in case it helps others (and thanks to your tips too):

    1) I ended up installing the Mac version with a new empty file then I believe I was able to go in and delete the old Mac file, and turn off cloud syncing there, ten uninstalling it. I only see the Windows file on my account now.

    2) I was thinking about using Bill Reminders, Check Pay and Quick Pay, actually. These are all functions I use, and my question was in view of one day just using the Web version. It does not look like they are there, maybe it will be added at some point. For now, being able to "show reminders in register" shows the Bill Reminders I have already set up, and when one of them gets auto paid from the vendor's site and the transaction comes down, it does get cleared on the Windows side so that's good. I pay all my bills through vendor's web sites automatically, so reminders and just being able to send a periodic check to a company or person (which may or may not be in Quicken's network) is fine for me. So far, everything seems to sync very well between Web and Windows!

    3) Thanks for the tip on Announcements page - I do watch that, I'll keep a close eye out for announcements.

    4) The Update credentials window appearing is gone! Here is what I did - (1) Logged in to my bank's web site (which does use 2FA, which I did); while still online, in QWin I (2) Reset the bank accounts (savings and checking, not sure where the problem was) (3) Reset cloud data, choosing the option of replacing everything in cloud. I think I actually ended up doing this sequence twice, then I logged into the Quicken Web, and it's been fine ever since!

    I do really like the Web version so far, I am using it and QWin. I am a Big Mac user, but I will lose too much transactional data in moving to it from Windows, so for years I have run QWin in Parallels. With the Apple announcement of moving away from Intel for their future Macs, I am thinking about future options down the road if one day I can't run Windows apps on my Mac anymore (when I would buy a new Mac that is). They all may come up with a virtualization/emulation solution that works, and make these thoughts moot. In any case, I like the idea of less apps and more functionality through browsers like Quicken Web, I would probably move exclusively to that if I could! I hope Quicken keeps investing in making the web version better, in today's world doing this all online is a legitimate choice for many people! 

    Thanks for your help!
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