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Mobile & Web Tab keeps reappearing after One Step Update

Quicken Premier Ver: for Windows
Windows 10 Pro w/all current updates

I don't use the Mobile & Web feature of Quicken and thus I choose to not have it display on the Tabs bar, so I uncheck the option for display and have had it this way for years. With a recent Quicken update I noticed this item reappeared on my Tabs bar, so I looked at the setting and it has been changed. So I uncheck it again and everytime i run One Step Update, it keeps getting changed to display it on the Tabs bar.

This is yet another annoying issue the Quicken development team keeps introducing with each program update.



  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    Hello @emhamiltn

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue with the Mobile & Web Tab.

    I have been able to successfully recreate this issue and I have gone ahead and reported.

    I will be sure to provide any updates as soon as more information becomes available.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
  • Wachtman98682Wachtman98682 Member
    That happens to me as well. Very annoying!!!

    ALSO along the same lines:

    I set up a "Bills | Balances" sub tab under the Home tab.

    My chosen items are:

    Web links
    Projected Balance
    Bill and Income Reminders
    In/Out/What's left

    I use that instead of the BILLS tab.

    Every time I edit a bill or income in my Bill and Income Reminders section Quicken forces the BILLS tab to reappear.

    This is causing me to constantly go to my menu and select View then Tabs to Show and unselect the BILLS and MOBILE & WEB options
  • Wachtman98682Wachtman98682 Member
    I'm Not a CLOUD guy so I'm not looking use a Web Based version of my stuff. The Program on my Desktop is all I need at this time.
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