Make URL of “security overview” link go to a premier web page

Why does the “security overview” link in investments on the Mac version send us to a page with limited information when their is a robust page available to anyone with a premium account login?

Clicking on Security Overview for NFLX in Mac gives you:

I don't know where the Windows version takes you but why doesn't the Mac version send you to:

We pay more for Premier, why don't we get this advertised perk? 

And its so simple to change in the program.
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  • tbonepsu
    tbonepsu Member ✭✭
    Did you ever get a response. I just chatted on line and they were clueless to this issue
  • Nope. Never get an answer. Crickets on this issue. It seems so simple to me yet I get no feedback on why it's evidently NOT so simple.