For Quicken Bill Manager we need at least 25 Quick Pays and 15 Check Pays per month.



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    Adding my voice to this although it won't make any difference. The change at the end of August is going to create a serious problem for those of us who used Quicken Bill Pay, especially for online automatic recurring payments. Setting and forgetting those payments was an efficient time saver and saved a lot of worry about paying bills. I hope Quicken listens to their long time, loyal, customers who have supported this product with hard-earned money, year over year. If they don't, we WILL find a better way and leave Quicken to wither away. What a shame for everyone at Quicken who depends on a successful product to support their families and dreams. As a recent retiree, every dollar counts and the annual software fee is subject to budget cut >>especially<< if the product no longer meets the need in a way it once did. You have to listen to your customers, understand their needs and find a way to fulfill their expectations.
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    I've been using the product since 1984 (Version 1 was pre-Windows!) and I have never been as disappointed as I am with this transition. The interface is poor, the instructions are minimal, and there are multiple annoying limitations. I am used to entering a simple memorized transaction for an online payment and moving on. Now I am being forced to provide credentials to utilities and other accounts so that I can "manage" my bills. Next, the limits are such that I will have to use my bank's bill-pay service for my extra transactions. Finally, I just had to cancel the payments I had entered for September through December of this year. When I tried to re-enter them as CheckPay payments, it wouldn't accept a date more than 60 days out. I am working as quickly as possible to reduce my dependence on Quicken. In the meantime, I'm wondering how Quicken can take my subscription money for Billpay, accept/acknowledge my transactions dated later this year, and then arbitrarily cancel them. I'm hoping that this might be an actionable failure to perform - since Quicken management does not appear to be listening to any of the community members in this string, perhaps a class action would get their attention.
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    No need to wait until 8/31. I have had issues with 2 bills not being paid on time with the new "QUICK" Pay (broken before implemented) system. Quicken imight better be called Quirken if they can't step up to the plate and FIX what we are paying for!

    A very disappointed decades long user.
  • If a user gets social security, income (for most) is posted the second, third or fourth Wednesday of the month, however there is no pick list for those income spans. Seems like a simple fix to me, and would save users having to monthly edit their register.
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    If a user gets social security, income (for most) is posted the second, third or fourth Wednesday of the month, however there is no pick list for those income spans. Seems like a simple fix to me, and would save users having to monthly edit their register.
    If you're asking how to, for example, set up a reminder for 3rd Wednesday of month for your Social Security deposit please see

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    Crickets on the number quick pays and check pays per month.........
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    May Day! May Day! I feel like I am flying an aircraft that is slowly deteriorating and may hit the ground on 31 Aug. Wondering if and when I should eject? Wondering if I will make it to the airport if I keep flying.
  • The online Quicken Billpay service is being discontinued. Before that happened shouldn't quicken have known what services were part of the old billpay? There's a limit of 3 checks per month?!? Who only has 3 bills a month? Most of my bills are not online bills. You can't schedule a repeating payment? Quicken is unusable
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    The limit on checks per month makes this product TOTALLY WORTHLESS. Electronic banking and monitoring your investments are easily replaced FOR FREE on other platforms. I have been a user since X86 computers. I have to throw in the towel on this latest total failure to understand your customer needs an to develop a product that best meets them.
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    I am very dissatisfied. To be forced off of the Bill Pay system into the subscription Bill Manager and then have a quote of 3 quick checks is nuts! I'm paying more for a "Premier" service with significantly less capability. This after being a customer for over 20 years. I feel stuck. [removed - no soliciting]
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    [removed - violation of community guidelines]
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    The new “Bill Manager” is an absolute insult to Quicken users. I’m sorry Quicken but you have grabbed our subscription dollars, reduced our long running (and valued) services, not answered our questions and provided a product that is so "not ready for prime time".  [removed - disruptive]
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    I concur with all the above comments. I average over 30 Check Pays per month. I run a small business. Quicken is basically unworkable for me now. Nothing like ruining a good service. What is the problem? Money?
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    August 31 is only 8 days away and all I ever see is we are working on the issue. 12/6 transactions is a ridiculously low number. Just charge a fee for more transactions i would gladly pay for extra transactions.
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  • nstevens
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    Why cant Quicken continue Bill Pay until they figure out how to increase the number of payments to > 12/6.
  • Hello @nstevens

    The Quicken Bill Pay service is offered and managed by a third-party company named "Metavante" who made the decision to discontinue their bill payment service offering as of 5/31/2020. 

    As Metavante is a third party company, Quicken is not privileged to the internal discussions regarding why the decision was made, just that the service is being discontinued and will no longer be available after the end of August.

    With this decision, Quicken had a choice to no longer offer bill payment services or to build a new service, one that ensures Quicken Members would still have the option to pay bills directly from Quicken, even if their financial institution does not support Direct Connect or offer bill payment services through third-party software, such as Quicken.

    I hope this clarifies

    -Quicken Tyka
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    Are there not other third party companies like Metavante that Quicken could form a relation with.
  • nstevens
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    I am not a programmer but I dont understand why it is such an obstacle to increase the limits from 12/6 to something more user friendly
  • nstevens
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    Is it a programming issue, server capacity issue, or a money issue? I am sure everyone would be more than happy to pay an extra fee for the ability to have option to increase the number of transactions available.
  • nstevens
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    I dont understand why Quicken cant be transparent and truthful and just tell use the exact reason why the number of transactions cant be increased or if there is really any hope of an increase in the near future.
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    +1. Quicken has known this was coming for a very long time. To have this deadline come and only allow 12/6 payments through this service is insufficient and inexcusable to their customer base
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    To Quicken: I am looking for an OFFICIAL REPONSE from you. Will the limit on the Check Pays continue to exist, with a hard stop on trying to make payments? I am looking for an official response, before I discontinue my service after being a customer since 1984.
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, comments and add your vote to this Idea.

    I can officially confirm that our Teams are hard at work building options for increasing the number of Quick and Check Pay payments available with Quicken Bill Manager.

    At this time, we do not have an ETA on exactly when this functionality will be available, but we anticipate this to be available sometime within the fall season of 2020.

    As such this Idea has been marked as "Planned" and we encourage all Users to bookmark this thread to automatically receive a notification once this has been "Implemented".

    This thread has also turned argumentative and will be closed for further comments.

    I hope this information is helpful and we all look forward to the implementation of additional payments in Quicken Bill Manager.

    Thank you,

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    [Removed-Rant] Going form 3 free to 3 additional "Check Pays" for $9.95/mo is not a solution for home owner use. 10 to 12 "Check Pays" are more realistic. Online "Quick Pays" over 10 would only benefit business users. Please try to be more receptive to this issue than you have to date. 10 "Quick Pay" and 15 "Check Pay" would be a more realistic option for home and small business use.
  • jnprop
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    Long term Quicken user 10 years+........Putting my word in that Quicken Bill Manager needs option for more Quick Pay & Check Pay transactions. For those of us running a rental business with Quicken the 12 & 3 are nowhere near enough. And no my bank is not connected to offer Bill Pay directly with my bank. I wish!!!! And no I don't want to go to my bank and use their bill pay. I want to stay in Quicken to complete these functions. If you want extra payments please post here. THanks!
  • I can't believe they limit the # printed checks to 10 / month! Now I have to get out the check book and mail my payments in.
  • Two ancillary issues:

    (1) I've hit the maximum 6 checkpays for this month (on 9/21) so I tried to schedule a checkpay (20 days out) for the first week of October but it won't let me even though I'll have another 6 checkpays available in October.

    (2) No ability to make payments in excess of monthly quotas (even for a fee) is a significant deficiency. I've been using Quicken for 25 years and using Quicken bill pay for almost as long. This month was the first time in over a decade that I've had to pay a bill by handwriting a paper check. I've been a long time supporter of Quicken (recommending to friends, etc) but from the looks of the message board, I'm not alone in my frustration with Quicken's new bill payment service.

    I believe the issues have risen to the level of requiring a message from management to all users re: plans to address concerns and make enhancements. I hope Quicken's relatively new owners don't forget the lessons learned from the likes of Netscape, Betamax,, etc.
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    Hello @iStallion

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to provide us with your feedback.

    I have gone ahead and moved your response to the appropriate idea so that you may be notified when the ability to increase the number of Quick/Check Pay payments becomes available.

    If you have not done so already, I would take a moment to review this post in its entirety as well as reviewing and bookmarking the announcement available here.

    The announcement will also be updated with any changes or updates.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • I want more than 6 checks per month. How do I get it?
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