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RESOLVED: Raymond James: Quicken is unable to establish an Internet connection OL-297-A



  • Karen VierraKaren Vierra Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2020
    @caneuman Thanks for this information...I've submitted tickets to Quicken already.  Hopefully, more people will do the same.
  • Lazarus LongLazarus Long Member ✭✭
    It's been almost two weeks since Raymond James downloads stopped working and Quicken has yet to acknowledge the problem. This is a known issue but it is not listed as such. Perhaps because Quicken is unwilling to fix the problem that they caused?

    Thoughts? Ideas?
  • KipKip Member ✭✭
    OK, so how do we directly contact a Quicken person in writing about RJF and the 297 A. I am concerned that RJF is the only brokerage account out of 4 that I do business with the 297 problem. Does anyone from Quicken read or participate in our discussions? As an active investor, I count on Quicken providing me with timely and consolidated information. Who has the ball, whose problem is it to solve, is there an ETA on a fix. Lack of a Direct Connect function is a deal breaker so should I find another broker or another software packege?
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