duplicate (sort of) bill reminder

I have a bill reminder set up for one account on the 23rd each month. The same amount is deducted from another account (in projected balances) on the actual due date, the 1st of each month. There is only one reminder in manage manual bills and income and in the projected balance, nothing shows up other than the deduction (see screenshot). Today for the first time I did see the phantom reminder show up in my Bills, Income and Transfers ledger and selecting the drop down to the right of the reminder, there was an option to merge the two reminders. Of course it selected the wrong account and date so I unmerged them, now the projected balance problem is back and I no longer can see the phantom bill. Not only is it frustrating, it's frustratingly difficult to explain. Has anyone heard or know about this?


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    Disregard, found the issue after more research.


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