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Schwab OL-293-A errors One-Step Update

For the last 4 or 5 days, OL-293-A error is returned for all Schwab accounts. Schwab says that my accounts are setup correctly.
I am running R28.18 Windows 10.

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  • Thomas Mone
    Thomas Mone Member ✭✭
    When this error occurs on Schwab accounts, it does not ever correct it self on subsequent one-step updates. But I have two identical Windows 10 machines with the same (latest) version of Quicken. When I had the Schwab problem on machine A, I did a data file backup to the cloud and did a restore to machine B. The Quicken execution on B worked perfectly - no Schwab errors. I did the same process and restored the file from B back to A and indeed there were no errors on A. But after about a week and a half the errors reoccurred on machine A. I found that simply doing a backup and restore on A fixed the problem - there was no need to involve machine B.

    So something seems to go wrong in the data file periodically which affects the Schwab update ad the backup/restore clears it. ???????

    Tom Mone
  • Thomas Mone
    Thomas Mone Member ✭✭
    I built a fresh datafile with all of my accounts and all of my strange problems went away. Clearly something was amiss in the datafile that the validation process did not detect.
  • @Thomas Mone

    Thanks for the update. Files can have these issues and they can take a bit of troubleshooting to fix the errors. While new files generally do fix these issues we don't always recommend it unless the users are ok with making other file more of an archive or trying to make a new file by rebuilding a lot of the history on the accounts. Normally with downloading QFX files from the banks we can go back about 1-2 years. (depends on the bank)

    If you'd like to attempt to continue with the old file we'll see what other troubleshooting we can attempt. If you'd also like some more info on using QFX files to download old transactions please let us know.

    Quicken Francisco
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