Mutual Fund Quotes Delayed/Not Updating



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    I have the same can't update Fidelity funds . If it's not one thing it's another with is Quicken
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    this is ridiculous. This has been going on for too long. And this is the number one reason we have been forced to pay for new versions over the years..cutting off our quote downloads. Hey quicken reps, it is a very very big deal when the quotes do not work. Then, these guys cant fix it for weeks when it is broken...smh
  • Joe1256
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    Mutual fund prices not updating at end of day
  • DON63
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    I am having the same problem (MAC version). T. Rowe Price quotes are not updating. I have had to manually enter them for the last three days. Let's get this fixed!
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    None of my mutual funds are updating after close of current day (Fidelity, Etrade, Ameritrade, Vanguard). They do update the following day. I check it in the morning and they download properly. I do not want to wait until the following day to see where things stand. Please fix this problem quickly.

    Note: At this point, the only investments that are updating like they are supposed to are ETFs and Stocks.
  • jjpolcari
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    Am running R28.23 (just updated) - just validated and rebuilt price histories from ground up. When I use "update quotes" get no mutual funds. When I use "one step update" Vanguard mutual funds fill in but Fidelity remains empty on portfolio page. Fidelity typically seem to fill in next morning. This has been happening consistently for the last week or so.

    Looking at individual price histories after"one step update" download, I see price without no high/low entry (zeros) for current day, price with high/low entries for previous days. See same thing with both Vanguard and Fidelity, except that Vanguard prices for current day differ from previous day price, where as Fidelity price is always same as yesterday - thus, the Vanguard price fills in correctly on portfolio page while Fidelity price is empty on portfolio page.
  • JWD
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    I waited for the 8/26/2020 Communications Update hoping it would fix the problem with stocks updating OK but not Mutual Funds in Edward Jones. The updating didn't help! My mutual funds information doesn't update but my stock quote does. I am on R28.18, build of Quicken Premier (Subscription, I guess) and membership current through 5/31/2021. I really need help with this -- it is very frustrating and I'm feeling gypped! :s :# :# >:)
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    @GillCahill - This is a known issue.  See the posted Alert:  If you want to receive updates on the status, bookmark it by clicking on the start to the right of the title.
    BTW, for me I've noticed that it's not that the MF don't ever download.  They just download very late (i.e., the next day).

    (QW Premier Subscription: R33.24 on Windows 10)
  • Mike Italiano
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    Does including this in Alerts & Known Product Issues and re-escalating with service providers make fixing this a priority? Do these service providers care?
  • Scott Baines
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    it seems that once it's midnight east coast time, you get the prior days prices.
  • Tenn-Jim
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    Starting on Friday, 21 August 2020, I have not been able to download Vanguard mutual fund quotes later in the evening on the same day the markets closed and fund prices were finalized for that day. However, the fund prices are downloaded the following day when I use the historical prices download feature in Quicken. As a test, I installed an older version of Quicken and obtained the same result of delayed Vanguard mutual fund quotes. I use Quicken v. 28.18 currently, and used Quicken v. 28.10 for the test.
  • Jim_Harman
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    This is a known problem which Quicken is working on.

    Please see this Announcement post
    QWin Premier subscription
  • William Day
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    since the 5.17.5 install stock prices post each evening (7pm ET) but mutual fund prices do not; then the next day (around 10am ET) the prior days mutual fund prices will post.  Major issue?
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: UPDATED 8/27/20 Mutual Fund Quotes Delayed or Fail to Update.
  • asablok
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    Mutual fund prices are not updated till quite late in the night or next day lately.
  • laborman1
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    IS Quicken acknowledging this and doing anything about it? Looking at older posts it appears to have been going on for some time. Is there a work around?
  • I can update the next morning, but not the same day. I have been using Quicken for decades. It has been problematic the last few years, more notably since the spin-off from Intuit. I have had to do the "mondo patch" thing way too often. For the last several months I get the quicken log on box after my password, yet I don't really have to sign the quote thing. It may have started for me this weekend, but since the maintenance on the 26th....nothing works right....
  • bfonguser
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    I'm having the same issue with the Investments portion. I've been doing the one step update for years and didn't have the problems that appeared several days ago. The column Day Gain/Loss show "0" (Zero) for mutual funds. The ETF accounts seems to be ok.
  • Doncinnh23
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    Mutual funds are either not loading at all or sometime after 9 PM. Stocks and EFT are loading as expected.
  • JayR
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    Frankly, Q should extend our subscriptions until this issue is fixed.

    You can still manually input the numbers after the market close by looking at your brokerage firm or CNBC or similar. But that really isn’t the point.
  • JayR
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    Yes, ETFs and stocks still update during the day.

    I sure hope Q throughly test the patch or upgrade before sending out. The worst thing is the fix a bug and then introduce another round of compatibility issues.

    This issue should be an all-hands on deck fix-weekends included. Maybe Q should consider a rollback?
  • Don Awalt
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    For years, T Rowe Price mutual fund pricing updates for the day can be downloaded anywhere from 6:15 PM - 7 PM local time, at least 95% of the time. This week, they have not been available at all, until the next morning, at which time even going to the prior day in the Investment Results screen, some of the columns are not updated. Is there a problem getting T Rowe Price pricing? I checked, the mutual fund daily prices are available on their web site - just not available in Quicken.
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    JayR said:
    Yes, ETFs and stocks still update during the day.

    I sure hope Q throughly test the patch or upgrade before sending out. The worst thing is the fix a bug and then introduce another round of compatibility issues.

    This issue should be an all-hands on deck fix-weekends included. Maybe Q should consider a rollback?
    This is not a Quicken issue.  The Quicken program obtains quotes from a third-party service provider.  Recently, the quote service provider has been late providing the daily mutual fund update.

    Note: The price quote for mutual funds held at financial institutions are updating properly.

    If you do not want to wait until the third-party resolves it's issue, I suggest you consider downloading the quotes in a Google sheet as a CSV file and import the CSV file.

    You may also want to review Quicken's Terms of Use:  

    In particular:

  • Lee Boszak
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    They claim they are working on it. But it's been a week or so. About time to hire someone else if they can't fix a simple mutual funds update issue!
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