Why does Quicken limit monthly # of check pay and quick pay payments to 15 each for Quicken Premier

I make more than 15 check pay and 15 quick pay payments each month. It is ridiculous that I can't use Bill Manager for payments once I exceed the 15 payment limit each month.


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    I suspect when Quicken negotiated support for Quick Pay and Quick Check with the third-party payment service provider, they believed the limits would be sufficient for most Quicken users based on their prior bill payment data.  Quicken has stated they're planning to offer payment allotment plans with more payments soon: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-bill-manager-windows-frequently-asked-questions

    If you want to issue more online payments from within Quicken, I suggest you consider using one of the more than 500 financial institutions that support online bill payment using the Direct Connect connection method.  Otherwise, I suggest you consider most online billers may be set to automatically charge a credit card or withdraw from a checking account and a free bill pay service provided by a financial institution may be used to issue the credit card payments and any remaining bills.

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