my529 - UESP (Utah Educational Savings Plan) : downloads transactions for just one account

I have 5 accounts at, all of which I have set up for access through Quicken.  Only the transactions for one of those accounts seem to download.  Even when all 5 accounts have similar transactions posted the previous night, only those for the first account that I opened (with the lowest account #) seem to download.  Similar transactions for the other four accounts do not download.

Any suggestions how to fix this?  Is it a Quicken bug?  Is it a bug?

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  • rgumpertz
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    I looked in my OFXLOG.txt and found what appear to be transactions and position information for the lowest-numbered account (which was downloaded SECOND) but just an empty
    as well as position information for the other four accounts.
  • rgumpertz
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    Deactivating and reactivating all five accounts did the trick.  I tried that last month and it didn't help but this time it did.  I guess all's well that ends well...

    Thank you, Francisco.
  • @rgumpertz

    Awesome to hear that you were able to get it back up and running! If you do run into any other issues please let us know! 

    Quicken Francisco
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