Why does Bill Manager need to connect the day of the payment?

I have had nothing but trouble with the Bill Manager. My latest issue is that if you set up a payment when all of your accounts are working, and on the day it is supposed to be paid the connection to the biller fails, the payment will fail, and now your credit card payment is late, and you start accruing interest. I have probably reconnected Citi as a biller 5 or more times now. I get it set up and it works for a while, and then it fails. If I schedule a payment today to be paid in 10 days, and on that day, the connection to Citi fails, then the payment fails. The only solution that I can think of is to always pay the bill immediately, but I have used Quicken since 1994 to pay on (or close to) the day it is due.

If Quicken knows the bank making the payment and the account being paid, why does it have to make a connection on the day of the payment (as opposed to the day I entered it)?


  • Sherlock
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    Quick Pay uses the online biller's online payment service.  

    If the online biller 's online payment service supports scheduling a payment, Quick Pay should be able to schedule an online bill payment on the online biller's online payment service.  If the online biller's online payment service does not support scheduling a payment, Quick Pay can not schedule an online bill payment on the online biller's online payment service.

  • Zoolook
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    Stick with Bank Bill Pay, almost every bank supports scheduled bills.
  • weglian, I have experienced the same problem. I schedule payments in Bill Manager with billers who I know accept scheduled payments. Bill Manager then lists the status as "scheduled", but when the scheduled day arrives, the payment fails because Bill Manager supposedly can't log in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails as noted above. It seems pretty clear that Bill Manager doesn't actually send the transaction request to the biller until the day of payment--even for billers who accept scheduled payments. The "scheduled" status seems to be just a promise by Bill Manager that it will attempt to execute the transaction on the scheduled date. I too have had to pay late fees and interest on citi credit cards for this reason. It's pretty maddening.
  • Zoolook. Yes, I attempted to just use my bank's bill pay service during the transition to from Quicken bill pay to Quicken bill manager. And while it is true that one can schedule payments through my bank--in this case Citibank--when you download transactions into your Quicken register, the bank only sends the completed transactions, not the scheduled ones. So, anticipating a few weeks ahead of time whether my checking account will be sufficiently funded as scheduled transactions are completed is not possible with this method.
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