Baffled by change in cell phone bill

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Cell due on the 20th of the month. Always updated the Online Bill on the 20th and debited the credit card that paid it the next day. Worked exactly as expected for months and months.

Last month the biller notified me on the 10th and Quicken updated the Online Bill on the 20th but the transaction was not completed until the 2nd. In other words, that 8/20 transaction completed on 9/2.

Now my reminder, instead of showing 9/20, which would be correct, shows 10/20 thinking the September bill has been paid on 9/2 (which was the August bill). It will not allow me to change to 9/20.

The online biller will not pick up the September bill either thinking it is paid.

I tired unlinking and changing - no good.

Tried refreshing the biller and got "biller added - awaiting next bill".

Any way to get this straightened out other than waiting for the October bill, assuming that will even be correct then?



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    A bit improved and a bit more confusing....

    I entered the payment for 9/20 from Online Billers. Had to change the date from the default looking for 10/20

    I unlinked from the reminder, deleted the reminder. It would not allow me to create a new reminder, but wanted me to add an online bill, so I added the cell provider. At that point showed entered and the proper amount. But it seemed to only way to link to a reminder again was to create a new reminder from the online biller. So I did.

    New reminder now shows properly waiting for 10/20 bill, bill Online billers only shows entered for that account on 9/21 with no amount and awaiting the 1020 bill. So I think a bit better. Only thing missing is the amount entered today in Online Billers.

    And no idea what got me into this situation other than the billler debiting on the wrong date.
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    I have not. Thanks for the pointer Sherlock.

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    That's the issue @Sherlock , except just a smidge different for me. Came about when the biller waited to debit my account for 13 days after the due and paid date. That caused two dues in the same month in Quicken's opinion and QUICKEN  moved the reminder out a month incorrectly. SO I had no reminder for a bill legitimately due this month. Make sense?

    I think removing this feature was a very bad idea. My only found workaround was to unlink, remove the reminder. Create a new reminder by adding the biller AGAIN (thank god it did not create two of the same billers) then scheduling the reminder properly. Downside, lost the payment history for the biller.

    Can I say again? Very bad idea removing this. And worse, not alerting your users.

    @Quicken_Tyka , please note as you have closed the previous thread. This creates new p[problems. No idea what removing it was trying to fox. AND, the error message of not being able to set a reminder to a date prior to the last paid date is in itself, in error, sine it is NOT prior to the last paid date.

    Please fix.
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    Surprised no reply, particularly from Tyka. If you close a thread, must be a way to provide new information on the issue. This issue should be fixed. There was a valid reason for thinking this is how Quicken should work, but it breaks something else useful and used. And throws an incorrect error message. Bothers me these comments are ignored.You should be able to change the date of a repeating reminder - not before the last time paid, but that is an incorrect calculation on the part of Quicken.

    You have a very caring community here that takes the time to contribute and try to make the product better. This has totally screwed up my Online Bill and Reminder for my cell phone. And note that I HAD to change to 2020 on April 27th and there has not yet been one month where reminders and billers have worked 100%. Not one. And I **suspect** this might be the cause of why Online Billers is "lit" EVERY  OSU when nothing new is there to be seen.
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    This tuned out to be the root cause of another issue:

    "Fixed. I figured it had to be one of two bills since the last time this worked properly or "as expected". Turns out to be the cell bill that had the issues when the biller did not clear the payment until the next month and I could not change the next due date, etc. This is why you have to be able to back date a reminder when it thinks a month is paid and it is not!"

    So not only was the cell bill totally out of sync by not being able to back date the bill to the proper date, but it caused Bills and Income to show new activity EVERY OSU when there were no changes or new bills scraped.

    Fix this please.

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