Won't accept bank password to download

We are unable to get Quicken to accept our password to download bank transactions. We have tried within the bank account in Quicken, deleted the vault and tried a new vault. The password works when we log into the bank account website so we know the password is correct. Thanks for the help.


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    Hi @pweaverfl,

    Is this just one bank account that you are having issues with?  In other words, do the rest of your download accounts work okay?

    What is the name of the bank is that won't download?  Is this something new - i.e. did it work previously but stopped working?

    Which versions and bulids of both Quicken and Windows are you using?  Also - you selected "Quicken on the web" in submitting this question - does this problem only happen when you are accessing your Quicken account from the web, or does it also happen when you are using the desktop?

    Get back to me and we'll go from there?


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