Unwanted capitalizations of the first letters in online payee names

Quicken (Year: 2020, Version: R29.12, Build: keeps capitalizing every first letter in the names of my online payees. For example, I am trying to add a payee named “The City of Albany,” but keep getting “The City Of Albany,” instead. I have tried playing with various settings in Preferences, such as “Capitalize first letter only in downloaded payee names” and “Capitalize payees and categories,” – all to no avail. The "Set up Online Payee" dialog insists on capitalizing every first letter in the name I submit every time I leave the Name field or hit OK. Notice, that NOT all first letters are capitalized in the name of the dialog itself! Could someone please tell me how I can get my payees to appear exactly the way I want them to be? This is really annoying... Thanks!


  • Rich_M
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    I don't use online payments, so I'm just guessing, but I would think all of them end up in the memorized payee list. 

    If so, change them there after adding them to get the capitalizations of your liking. 
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  • Thanks, Rich, but I've already tried that, and that's why in the Memorized Payee List the names are just the way I want them. However, every time I need to schedule a payment, the all-first-caps reappear from the impregnable Online Payee List.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I was sure the Capitalize preferences would work, but you're right. They don't.
    I'd call this a bug, but such a small one it's unlikely ever to rise from the bottom of the priority list. Surely the City of Albany will accept your payment either way.
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  • Leon North
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    Ha-ha... And they do accept my payments, regardless of the quality of the software I have to use to generate it. I know it's a bug and I would like Quicken Inc. to fix it! You know, they were trying to force me to switch to a subscription for a few years now... and eventually I caved. But this is the price THEY must pay: their R&D have to fix these stupid dialogs that don't work correctly and look like they were last updated when [removed - political/off-topic]
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