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Converting Windows Quicken 2012 to Mac Quicken 2020

Just spent an hour on the phone with tech support asking if I could do this. After 45 minutes of telling me no, that I had to convert to Windows 2017 first (which is no longer available) and then to Mac, he told me to forget everything he just told me and that yes, I can convert from Windows 2012 to Mac 2020. So I’m not feeling confident I have the right answer. What he told me then is to open Windows 2012, run the repair/validate process and then save the file to a memory stick. Then he said to launch Mac 2020, find the file and open it, and Mac will do the conversion. Is that accurate?

The second question I had for him was how to eliminate very old data. I never did the year-end thing because my understanding was that it would either delete or hide reconciled transactions and I want to have access to my history. Not sure fears were founded, but I was afraid they were so I never did it and now I have history dating back to 2000. Is there a way to just keep 2-3 years of history without messing everything up? The tech rep said yes, but I didn’t understand how. If anyone can help me out with these questions, I would be most appreciative.

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  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Hi, DianaF:

    I am not surprised they said it wouldn't work, as the official line is/was that they only support conversions from the last three versions. (They don't test older, but it may or may not work.) Hence the confusion.

    The information he stated about repair/validate is a good idea, so do it. As to whether you have no issues with your 2012 conversion, you are simply going to have to try and see what you get. That said, most users coming from Windows don't have many conversion issues so I suspect you will be fine. 

    I am not a fan of purging older data, as once you get rid of it, it is gone. I have seen too many people regret doing so down the line. But, that decision is ultimately up to you. If you decided to purge older data, do it on the Windows side as the Mac version does not allow a way to purge data. In QWin, that would be File:File Operations:Copy, and select the data range. Your original file remains untouched.
  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    I am not surprised they said it wouldn't work, as the official line is/was that they only support conversions from the last three versions.
    @John_in_NC Not sure where you got this idea... Are you possibly confusing this with the old support model where Quicken only supported the last 3 versions in general? This was and is separate from the notion of supporting conversions. As per the page regarding using intermediaries here, Quicken explicitly states "We can only assist with conversions from 2010 or later versions of Quicken. ", meaning 2010+ is supported for conversions for QWin (and as per that page, they provide the means to convert from as far back as QW2004 but without support).

    And I have never seen any statement regarding limitations to conversion for QMac except stating that QM2007 Lion compatible version (v16.1.x) and newer is the oldest version supported for conversion into modern QMac, which is still the current case.

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