How to PRINT the "Find Quicken Files" List

Sorry to be negative, but as usual, Quicken is very weak when it comes to giving you the ability to print Quicken internal information (still can't print the entire line on a Print password list).
Anyway, that is not my current problem - just throwing that in.

Anybody know how to print the list you get when you do a "Find Quicken Files"?

I am trying to clean up (Delete) all of my old Quicken files, but Quicken's great little "Find Quicken Files" option give me a list of 335 Quicken files - and I can't figure out a way to print the list for ease in locating all of the various files.

ron now in shawnee

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  • Rich_M
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    @Ron n Round Rock As suggested by @splasher you can get a listing of all the Quicken files in your Documents folder by doing the following ...

    1. Open File Explorer and select the Documents folder under Quick access.
    2. Type CMD in the Address Bar and press Enter to open a Command prompt window.
    3. Copy & Paste the following command at the prompt and press Enter.
    4. dir *.qdf /s > filelist.txt
    A text file will be created in your Documents folder with the filename filelist, which you can open with Notepad and print ... see attached screenshots of the steps.

    Quicken 2017 Premier - Windows 10 Pro
  • splasher-

    Thanks - good idea - didn't think, realize or forgot that File Explorer had a Find capability, but yes it does - a Search box.

    Well, that worked, maybe too well - found 676 ".qdf"'s (most Backups) - probably because it searched the whole PC whereas I just started off with Quicken searching the C: drive to get the 335. Hate to think what I might get if I just searched for a ".q"

    Anyway, now I am faced with the same problem - that of being able to print the file list generated by File Explorer. I have wished so many times to be able to do that with File Explorer.

    Might end up resorting to your DOS command suggestion, unless you have a neat way of printing File Explorer lists..

    ron in shawnee
  • Rich_M
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    @Ron n Round Rock Follow the simple instructions I posted to get a text file listing that you can print. 
    Quicken 2017 Premier - Windows 10 Pro
  • Rich, splasher-

    Thanks for the help - yes, it works - and it will give me what I need/want.

    (Still wish Quicken would provide more Print capabilities.)

    ron in shawnee
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