Transfers don't work

I'm a long time User of Quicken, I know how to enter transfers.
Lately I've noticed that when I enter in a transfer Quicken will add the money to the transferred account but won't take the money out of the 1st account or visa versa.

I contacted Quicken Support about this. They told me to just re-renter the transaction again until the program accepts it.
Really??! Obviously they have no intention of fixing this issue.


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    Just to clarify.... what is happening..... ADD the money vs ENTER the money -
    as in, is the amount not getting entered into the respective column,
    OR - is the amount getting entered,
    but not affecting the actual balance as if it was blank.
    Also, what release...... Help --> About Quicken
    and your dup comment over on the MAC might be a different issue...
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    When was the last time you validated your file? If it's been a while, I would start there.
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  • Yes the money is in the correct columns. Quicken not recognizing it as a transfer anymore.
    I don't know what "validating my file" means.
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    @GregLeimeister How are you entering this transfer?

    Are you entering it in the register, using a transfer reminder, using a bill reminder, from the calendar?

    Once it's in the register, what's in the category field?
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    Obviously they have no intention of fixing this issue.
    First line Quicken support doesn't decide what gets fixed or not.  At the most they submit a bug report to the developer group.  What they do is either point the customer at what they are doing wrong, or point out a workaround,, or dig up more information so that they can give to the developer group or they can escalate the problem to people that can do more.  It seems like this customer support person "stopped early".  But I will also say that I don't see this problem reported here, and it would be if it was common.  I also don't see it.

    Which leads to the belief that it might be your data file.  And to "try" to fix that you use validate and repair.

    File -> File operations -> Validate & Repair -> Validate File -> OK
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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