Resolved issue with Update 30.9 for Home and Business Windows

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Did One Step update. Option appeared to Update Quicken Home and Business to latest release 30.9. Did that, relaunched Quicken, relaunched One Step update. During One Step update, accounts started downloading AND accepting downloads automatically. I couldn't see where this was happening, but with sounds "on" I kept hearing "CHA_CHING" over and over. I couldn't stop it. When it was over, my Net Worth showed I was a multi-billionaire (hint: I only wish I was).  I also could not see the register on some Schwab accounts. I reverted to backed up data and started over.
Reading issues others had, I narrowed it down to this: All Schwab accounts had tracking method "simple" and not "complete". To fix, go to Account List and select each affected account. Select Details--General--Tracking Method--Complete--OK. I did this for all Schwab accounts and did the One Step update, which was successful


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    Reading all the problems with the new version (30.9) I installed it on an old computer. I then checked each investment account was set to "complete" before running an OSU. They all were set to "complete"; none set to "simple".

    Next did an update to one investment account successfully. Then ran full OSU successfully. I then ran a price update successfully. Being Sunday however no prices were actually updated.

    I would suggest restore a backup and check the investment accounts before running OSU to see they are set to complete.

    I also noticed that the print preview and OSU summary results report is fixed. It now shows all EWC and DC accounts again. I didn't see these mentioned in the release notes.
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    I second the "restore from backup" idea.

    Note that R30.9 definitely has a bug that is forcing some people's investment accounts into simple investing mode.  See this thread:
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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