New custom Asset Classes not appearing in Asset Allocation correctly?

Updated to R30.9 Build

Was tickled to see that a provision for "custom" asset classes had been added. Proceeded to take advantage of same - added some new asset classes and assigned those to various securities. Then attempted to see how that appeared in "Allocations".

Selected "Investing" from the (main?) menu bar.

Selected "Allocations".

Was pleased to see that the new custom asset classes appeared... but the "actual" amounts reported for the new asset classes were... inconsistent; some assignments appeared to be correctly totaled while others were entirely missing.

Clicked on the "Actual" graph that appears in the allocation display.

Was... surprised... to see that assignments were totaled **differently** on the "drill down" than on the higher level display. What appears on the drill down appears to be (mostly) correct whereas the higher level appears to be missing some items.

However, the drill down is not **entirely** correct, either. It appears to be erroneously picking up and including in the calculation expired (and closed out) option positions - investments which are no longer included / reported as holdings.


Appreciate the introduction of "custom" asset classes. Unfortunately it appears to be a work in progress?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally I don't have a use for this feature, but I always figured that if they introduced it there were going to be places that it shows up that they never thought of.
    That look like what is happening here.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • I echo the thoughts of the OP - thrilled with the new asset class possibilities, and looking forward to when they actually work.
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