BofA needs to authenticate everytime

I have raised this issue before that has never been replied to nor addressed.   Everytime update MAC desktop or Mobile Quicken needs only on Bank of America to send an authentication text to my phone


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    Hi @BJL,

    I suggest that you go online at BOA and change your settings - go to "Sign -In Settings" > "General Settings" and turn off "Extra security at sign-in".


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  • BJL
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    Thank you for your reply but that has always been off.   I've been on countless calls with Quicken as well where they have me deactivate and then reactivate all BofA accounts to no avail
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    This has been an on-going unknown issue for some users for a while unfortunately (tho mostly windows users, Mac users have chimed in too in this post):
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    Thanks.  Personally it seems to me the Quicken needs to own this which they do not.  It used to work just fine. Clearly something changed either on the Bank of America side or the quicken side.  We pay Quicken a fee for their service. Instead of directly users to contact Bank of America and then each finger-pointing quicken needs to own this.  
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