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error 364-a Your financial institution downloaded

Set up a new, third, E*Trade account in Quicken Win10 subscription using the Q new account setup routine. Q linked and established the account on my register. It's listed normally on the account list and has direct connect. One step update however returns the above error 364, "Q downloaded data for an account not in my data file". But it is. I also reset the account. The account does have a zero balance. How to fix please

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  • gregb4gregb4 Member ✭✭
    btw, put some $ into account but still returns error.
  • gregb4gregb4 Member ✭✭
    it may have worked, or at least something did. thanks
  • Quicken AnjaQuicken Anja Moderator mod
    You're welcome! Thanks for the update. :)
    -Quicken Anja
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