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When I try to activate downloads on an existing account it wants me to add a new account

I bring up my account list. Under transaction download it says No (activate downloads). When I click on the link to Activate Downloads the Quicken Update Status Window runs. Then it brings up the Activate One Step Update Window. This window forces me to add a new account as opposed to updating a current account. How do I get the system to just update my current account?


  • Same with me but it will not "Activate" 3 IRA accounts while 4 other savings/checking at the same credit union work. They access was recently changed from Web Connect to Direct Connect.
  • beavronbeavron Member
    This is what I learned: You first need to go to the financial institution and download a quicken transaction file. When you apply that file to your Quicken software it updates the account. If you to to account details and look at the Online Services tab you will see the Connection Method is "Web Connect". I have not been able to get this account to update in the One Step Update process.
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