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Any solution to allow download of transactions from two Synchrony bank accounts ?

I have two separate accounts with Synchrony Bank (two different credit cards). It appears that Quicken cannot differentiate between the two accounts and I am only able to download data for one. As a work-around, I download the data to a QFX file and then import, but that only works for transactions on the last full statement (i.e., cannot download transactions since last statement). I have tried to Deactivate/Reactivate account with no luck.


  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @atiliadis,

    Can you tell us what happens when the downloads don't work properly - i.e. are you getting an error code, etc.?  What method are you using to connect - Express Web Connect?  Is this new behavior, i.e. were you previously able to download from both credit cards but now one does not work?  Is it always the same card that doesn't work?  Synchrony handles accounts for many, many retailers - are your accounts with 2 different retailers or just one & what are the name(s)?

    Get back to us and we'll go forward from there.


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  • splasher
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    In the Sychrony Web Connect downloads, they are putting an "R" in two of the date fields.  As in:


    If you edit them to before and after the earliest and latest dates of the transactions downloaded using the format shown below, the Web Connect file will import successfully.


    I copied a date from elsewhere in the download and changed the date portion of it to make sure I had the correct format.  The dates don't have to be exact, just before and after the transaction dates.

    It is a shame that Synchrony can't get their act together and do it correctly.

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  • The trick with the DTSTART and DTEND worked perfectly. It's still a work-around but it's much easier than entering transactions manually. Thank you so much !!
  • So here are the details asked by FrankX:

    I use Express Web connect to try to connect with the two seperate credit cards (Amazon Prime and Sam's Club Mastercard). They are both managed by Synchrony Bank. Even though they are two cards, on the Update screen appear as a single entry "Synchrony Bank credit cards". It appears that only one of the credential remains in the program, even though I have entered both. Each credit card has a different user id and password. This has always been a problem. At this point, the only card that updates automatically is the Amazon and the other card does not. I have been using a semi-automated method with the download/import functions which resulted in another problem that another user was able to help me through (see separate post about DTSTART/DTEND). When I try to update the transactions, only one updates and the other one gives me an error message "Connectivity Problem" and asks if I have updated my userid/password recently.
  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi again @atiliadis,

    Sorry for not seeing your reply post until today.

    So, while both cards (accounts really) are managed by Synchrony they each need to have their own "connection" in Quicken.  They also, by the way, must each have an account in Quicken [I am assuming that they do, but if that assumption is wrong, that alone would be why your are having problems since you can only have one "connection" per Quicken account].  From your post above, I can see that 

    Let's start with Sam's Club first.  I think that one is the one where you've been downloading transactions (using the "Web Connect" method). I suggest that you "deactivate" downloads for this account and then "reactivate" it using the "Express Web Connect" method.  When you are doing the "reactivate" step, make sure that the "connection" is to this web address:

    On the Amazon credit card you may want to "deactivate" and "reactivate" it also.  If you do, when you reactivate it make sure that you select the correct web address - which is shown here:  

    Get back to me with any followups.


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