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Would like to be able to generate a report that is equivalent to the Planning tab. Was looking at how 2020 was going to end with Actuals (both already spent and to be spent) and information on Planning tab provides that level of information. However looking at a full year 2020 Budget report only shows Actuals (already spent) but leaves out to be spent amounts when comparing to Budget.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Note that when viewing the budget annual view, you can go to File > Print budgets or hit Ctrl-P and print the view. The format leaves a lot to be desired, but the data is there.
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  • Lloyd Young
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    Jim, Thanks for your comment. Tried your suggestion and yes you are correct it leaves a lot to be desired. I run Budget reports for each individual month and year and would be nice if under the Budget report there was on option to include both Actual income/expense to date and projected income/expense items for the requested period within the Actual column. Including both actual and projected income and expense items would be a better indication on how the budget is going to work for the requested time frame than just including actual to date items.