Explain how Bills & Income updates bills

How and when does Quicken obtain the pdfs of bills for billers I've entered in Bills & Income? Why are bills much more current for some biller than others? The last statement from my Citi card is from October (it's almost mid-December now). For those biller with relatively current statements in Quicken, there is still a lag of a few weeks from the time the statement is available on the biller web site and until it appears in Quicken. I don't suspect a bug or problem. I would just like to understand how this statement collection system works. I'm not interested in other aspects of Bills & Income.


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    Thank you for bringing your questions to the Community today. Quicken can update your online billers two ways. You can choose to have an update done with your One Step Update function or you can click the UPDATE ALL icon at the upper right corner of the Bills and Income tab. These functions will gather and bring into Quicken all data that the biller has available, including PDFs.

    One Step Update Settings:

    Update All Function: 

    The question “Why are bills much more current for some biller than others?” may not have just one answer. One reason is that the biller may be blocking Quicken from accessing the information. For example, you mentioned your Citi Card account has not updated since October, this account may be having that issue.

    It sounds like a good amount of your billers are behind so I would suggest calling us at SUPPORT. We will be able to review the billers individually.

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    I personally would explain it a bit differently.

    Quicken Bill Manager connects to a third party service that in turn gets the bill and statements.  Since there is in fact no standard that all the billers adhere to they are most likely using a combination of some "known interfaces" and some "ad hock" method of trying to read the non standardized websites.  As such some are going to prove more reliable then others, especially if the website get changed a lot and the third party has to change their "scripts" to compensate.
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