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I would like the ability to be able to select a default category for a memorized payee. When a transaction is matched for something like Costco, I will often assign a different category based on the purchase. The problem is when subsequent transactions come through, it randomly selects one of the categories. I would like to be able to apply a default category to the transaction match.
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  • jacobs
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    Happily, this already exists. ;)

    If you open QuickFill rules for the Payee (Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill Rules), look to see if there are QuickFill rules for this Payee. (It may depend on whether your preference setting to automatically create QuickFill rules is on or off.) From your description above,e it sounds like you have multiple QuickFill rules for the Payee. Open the one you wish to be the default, and check the box for "Use this as the default rule if more than one rule exists for {Payee}". By checking this box, you're telling Quicken to make this the default for all future transactions for this Payee. Manually, you can still select from other rules for the Payee if you wish. 

    Editing to add: if a QuickFill rule doesn't already exist for the Payee, you can create one from scratch while in the QuickFill Rules screen by clicking the + icon and entering the Payee, Category and, if desired, a Memo, Tag, Amount or splits.
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  • This is the Windows version Deluxe 2020. I do not see a menu choice for quick fill rules. Can you tell me where this is on the menu?
  • UKR
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    It looks like @jacobs , a Mac expert, erroneously replied to your Windows - related question. Sorry.
    For me, on Windows, I solved this problem by having an entry in the Memorized Payee List (MPL) for Costco, with a Split category entry for Food and Sales Tax. This entry is marked "Lock this entry ..." to keep it unchanged when I save a new transaction and now acts as a sort of default entry.
    When recording a new Costco purchase manually before downloading, I select this entry and make the necessary changes, adding new categories as needed for this purchase.
    If you have a need for additional categories regularly, either update the locked entry to add the other splits: Clothing, Shoes, Household, etc. with a $0.00 amount, or memorize additional MPL entries for more specific situations.
    The above works best if you manually record transactions before downloading or you review downloaded transactions, one at a time, and make the necessary changes before clicking Accept. The "Autopilot" ("automatically accept all downloaded transactions" (without prior review)) doesn't have enough information to figure out which of multiple MPL entries to choose.
  • Thanks UKR. It would be nice to be able to select a default category for the transaction matching rather than having to select every time. Or, if you do change a category during the match, DON'T add that category to the MEMORIZED PAYEE LIST.
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