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I do not use Quicken's online services. I only use Quicken for my personal finances and my Qicken file resides only on my personal computer. I do not need to renew my subscription every year. Quicken occasionally pushes messages onto our Quicken screen. Recently, I got 2 messages pushed onto my screen notifying me that my subscription had expired. I did not intend to renew this year. I did not need the new features. I found it impossible to remove those messages unless I renewed my subscription at a cost of over $100.

I called technical service. I was told they could not remove those messages unless I renewed my membership.

[removed - inaccurate]  I would have to pay over $100 just to have 2 annoying messages removed from my screen that Quicken pushed there in the first place.

Has anyone else experienced this ????


  • Greg_the_Geek
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    What version of Quicken are you using? Starter, Deluxe, Premier or H&BR? You can using purchase a copy of Quicken from a retailer cheaper that Quicken or revert to Quicken 2017.
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  • I use Quicken H&BR for Windows, version 2020. Although my original message was edited, I still feel extorted since they forced me to pay money in order to remove annoying messages that THEY pushed onto my screen. I was originally told that they had no way to remove those messages.
    I did get a 40% price reduction after I complained and spoke to a manager. Then and only then were the messages removed proving that they could be removed in the first place. They were only removed but for my paying for the renewal. If this is not extortion, then what is it?
  • splasher
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    It was all part of the terms of use that you agreed to when you installed Quicken.
    It isn't that they could not remove it, they couldn't UNLESS you renewed your subscription.
    Quicken Terms of Use | Quicken
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    My experience is similar to that of Alposkanzer in that I only use Quicken for personal finances on my desktop computer. When I explained all this to the support contact, I got the same answer as Alposkanzer. Since then Quicken has increased their quantity of annoying behavior; making it increasingly difficult to use the program. I suggested that they offer a very basic level of support at a much reduced price and got nowhere. I'm thinking that a complaint to BBB over their extortionary and unwelcome business practices might be in order.
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    Before you purchased Quicken Subscription Product, what Quicken Version do you own and still have?
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