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My investment accounts receive an error message when using OSU.

I am using Quicken Premium with R30.14.My investment accounts with Fidelity,Vanguard and Cap Trust do not download the transactions and send out an error message.The is no error code.When using the recommendations listed in the Community ,on line center refresh ,no success.
Any suggestions?
Thank you,


  • Reysanp
    Reysanp Member ✭✭
    I'll give you my go to steps when I get download errors for several days:
    1) Deactivate the download connection for all of the accounts for the problem institution.
    2) Edit all the accounts for the problem institution to remove the financial institution name and account number.
    3) Add the Account + button as if to add a new account
    4) As part of adding the new account, connect to the financial institution and log in.
    5) After you log in, it will show the accounts for that login. Connect each account to the existing Quicken Account.
  • Mainestan
    Mainestan Member ✭✭
    Thank you very much for your suggestion I will give a try when I am home on my computer.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    And that error message is???
    Also, are you using either Q Mobile or Quicken on the Web?  Both have been known to cause strange issues in your desktop Q data file.
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • Mainestan
    Mainestan Member ✭✭
    When I use the one step update (gear symbol) the word error in red appears and then disappears ,no error code.
    I am not using Q mobile or cloud due to data issues last year.
    I will be trying to re-oad each account later when I get home to see if that works. I am puzzeled the three accounts all stopped loading on Dec 18.
    Thanks for responding.
  • Mainestan
    Mainestan Member ✭✭
    I called Quicken support and they had me disconnect the accounts and reconnect. It still was an issue with Fidelity and NetXinvestor.
    so I backed up the files and deleted them and started as new accounts.
    NetXinvestor still does not work,I have called them and am waiting to hear back for their recommendation.Quicken says it is with NetXinvestor.
    Why would three different investment accounts stop working at the
    same time ? Seems as if the common factor is Quicken.
    Again,thanks for your suggestions.
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