How to Used Boxed CD to Upgrade to Quicken Home & Business ?

I recently bot a boxed CD version of Quicken Home & Business from Aunt Amazon (I prefer CD versions to deal with future crash recovery / problem resolutions) so as to upgrade my existing long-time Quicken Premier version. Box comes with "One Time Use Activation Code" that seems legitimate. I did a "CD in the disk drive" installation as recommended with apparent full success excepting that there was no opportunity to use the new Activation Code. At the end of the installation cycle is the first-time start up process using the existing data file on my PC which all seemed to work correctly. During the first-time start up after installation was displayed the "Quicken Home & Business" logo which again all seemed to indicate success with this process. But then when Quicken had fully completed its start-up-ready-to-run process showing the expected Accounts Column and the expected Home - Main View contents, the "Quicken Premier" logo (as the latest Version R30.14 / Build as expected) shows in the upper left without any of the "Quicken Home & Business" features.

Question: How do the installation-as-upgrade process to succeed so that I get Quicken Home & Business running as an extension of my already extant Quicken Premier installation and account w/ Quicken & Quicken Cloud?
> If I use "Help > Add Home & Business tools" I only see an opportunity to purchase the product again.
> Can I use the "Help > Enter Activation Code..." feature to get the upgrade I need starting with this physical CD in hand?