OL-297A error for UTAH 529 plan

I'm getting this error in downloading transactions for the past few days using one step update. All of my other downloads are working fine. I followed the resolution steps and checked to make sure my TLS1.2 box is checked, which it is. I deactivated the account and tried to reactivate it, but Quicken cannot connect to the UTAH 529 Plan server. Not sure how else to resolve this issue. Any suggestions to resolve are appreciated.



  • Ps56k2
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    Just to clarify -
    what is the exact name selected for this Quicken 529 account ?
    If this is it - will have this posting merged into already existing topic thread
    12340    12340    12340    my529 - UESP    http://www.my529.org    (800) 418-2551    https://login.my529.org/OfxTerms.aspx    ACTIVE    INVESTMENT,ACCOUNTINFO&DIRECT 

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  • Yes, it is My529. Coincidentally, when I did my one step update today, the account got updated. Thank you.
  • Richard LeSavoy
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    This is still a problem. My Utah 529 accounts always synched until this past week and now it simply no longer works - what has changed? How do we correct this?