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Cash Flow

I have created an excel Spread sheet, it combines my Current Budget with my existing checking account balance to project cash balances month by month for the year. Since all the data for a cashflow report exists in Quicken, it would be great if it was an existing report rather than having to export the budget from Quicken and import it into Excel.


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  • Silver Fox
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    Hi Cliff, not sure why you need to export quicken checking account transactions to a spreadsheet and merge this with your checking account balance to manage your cash flow. Once you connect your checking account to your QM (to download your transactions) and you schedule your payments and deposits in your checking account in QM then you can easily see your projected balances automatically in QM for a full year. I have been doing this for years and it works very well. I know exactly at any time when my forecasted checking account balance is going to be too low, requiring a transfer of funds from my savings / Fidelity account.
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