Backup data Files to Apple Cloud

Is there a way to automatically back up Quicken data files to your iCloud drive?


  • MontanaKarl
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    edited January 19
    Of course.  Open Quicken > Preferences and you'll see automatic backup options in the General tab.

    Check at least the Automatically back up... checkbox.   Click the Backup Folder... button, then iCloud Drive, and finally the folder in your iCloud storage where you want the backups placed.

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  • jacobs
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    In Quicken Preferences, you can select the destination for your backup files. So if you select a folder which is stored on iCloud as the destination, then that will work.

    So if you have enabled your Desktop and Documents folder to be stored on iCloud, if you direct your Quicken backups to a folder in Documents, then it will actually be stored on iCloud. 

    If you don't have your Desktop & Documents stored on iCloud, you can create a Quicken Backup folder on your iCloud. I don't use iCloud for storage of Quicken documents, so iCloud may create a folder for Quicken automatically, or you may need to create one manually. You can find the path for your iCloud data by navigating to [your home folder] > Library > Mobile Documents.
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  • RickO
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    One more thing... DO NOT store your actual data file (other than backups) on iCloud Drive. This is not supported and likely to eventually lead to corruption of your file.
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