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I'm sure this has been suggested and argued over ad nauseam, but I'll say it away: It would be great if I could use Quicken on multiple computers as well as mobile devices, sharing the same underlying cloud data.
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  • jacobs
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    Quicken has two approaches for people who want cloud-based usage.

    With Quicken desktop as your primary platform, you can use a mobile and and/or web interface to access/enter data. The cloud platform doesn't provide detailed reporting and other features of the desktop, but it lets you check balances, enter new transactions, look up transactions, etc. from anywhere.

    For people who want to be fully in the cloud, with full features everywhere, Quicken's new Simplifi product introduced last year addresses that need.

    And for people who don't want their data and financial login credentials in the cloud, the traditional Quicken desktop lets them keep all data local on the desktop.

    What you're asking for -- the full functionality of Quicken, but in the cloud -- seems unlikely because it would require a major re-write of the Mac and Windows programs. The company developed Simplifi to address this segment of the market, so it seems unlikely to me that legacy Quicken will move in the same direction.
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