Spending burn-down graph for an account

Is it possible to have Quicken draw a line chart showing the daily burn-down of spending from an account over a month? It would give a good visualization of the spending trend for the month, and let me know if I'm approaching the end of my budget for the month. Also, I subtract each credit card transaction from my checking account as it is downloaded. This helps me ensure I have enough money in the account to pay the credit card bill when it comes due. So the burn-down chart would show the credit card spending too. Right now I use a spreadsheet to do this task. Would be nice if Quicken could do it automatically
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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Sounds like you want the Project Balance graph that can be added to the Home tab or found on the Bills & Income tab -> Projected Balances.

    Note that you use a reminder for paying off the credit card for it to show in your checking account for the future payment.
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  • dnelson889
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    Not seeing a Bills & Income tab
  • UKR
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    Should be in your Tabs bar:
    If it isn't, click View in the Menu Bar, then click Tabs to show. In the popup put checkmarks on every line that is not greyed out.
    In the View Menu you may also want to select "Classic Menus", to get a more detailed Menu Bar.