One step update asking for a 2nd login window

I am using the crossover app (Linux instance) on a chromebook. One step update gets through all of the standard account downloads then just spins for about and hour if I leave it then asks me to enter username and password for "server" and "realm" Intuit",error="invalid_token. Even if I enter my quicken info it just spins and prompts again. I have updated all software and restarted. If I force close and open it appears all accounts have updated.


  • UKR
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    While "Quicken spins for about an hour", does the computer go to sleep, hibernate or disconnect from the WiFi network?
    Do you use a VPN, public WiFi, corporate firewall?
    I'm thinking of the possibility that your computer gets a new Internet address mid-session ... which might not be good.
    Are you syncing to the Quicken cloud for use with Quicken on the web or the smartphone app? Try resetting Sync and turning it off, leaving it off for the near future ... there might be a bug in the Sync process ...
  • Yost72
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    Thank you. Turning off sync helped. As it updated normally now. Wondering if there are known sync issues?