Update on Dual Factor Authentication in Canada

In 2019 I gave up on automatic updates because my RBC account kept saying my account had been compromised. This because of dual factor authentication. I never got a straight answer from either RBC nor Quicken on how to resolve this so I gave up. Is there any way to use automatic updates with RBC Canada without my account being flagged as compromised?


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    I am still having trouble with RBC and CIBC One Step Updates since the release of R28.15.

    However, prior to the update, it worked with my 2 factor authentication (2FA) which in RBC's case is really not a true 2FA, just a secondary question from a list of three when their security senses something amiss. I was able trigger it by using my VPN from a non-North American country.

    But, where I really got flagged, similar to what you are suggesting is when I did a Quicken One-step Update while I was logged in to the RBC site using my browser. I do not remember the exact sequence but was able to trigger it at will.

    What I learned was to not do a Quicken One Step Update while logging into the bank site or, perhaps, vice versa.

    While writing this I re-enabled CIBC and RBC in One Step Update and it worked as expected. I'll leave it turned on to see if the aggregator was the problem.
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