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Why not include Total Shares column in Investment Reports? The Total shares will not
appear correctly (rounded to two decimal places) by printing register when printed to file or printer. There is no way to get this correct data in a printable format.
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  • NotACPA
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    Are you talking about the Print Register report, or another Investment Report?  If another, which?

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    This stems from a couple of @Fisherman's previous threads. While the on-screen investment register can display up to 6 decimals, those numbers are rounded when printed. It should be WYSIWYG.

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  • Fisherman
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    Talking about Print Register and Investment Report. When printing Investment
    Register, Total Shares column are rounded to 2 decimal places. Investment reports do not contain Total Shares column.
    The accurate Total Shares data can not be printed from anywhere.
  • Jim_Harman
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    edited February 14
    It is not clear which investing report you are referring to.

    The Shares column in the Investing > Portfolio views shows share counts to 6 decimal places as of whatever date you set.

    The Investing > Portfolio Value report also has the share counts as of the selected date. This defaults to 3 decimal places. 

    If you go to Edit > Preferences > Reports only you can change the decimal places in reports (not the investing transaction list) from 0 - 6.

    But it sounds like you are interested in being able to print a running share balance with the full number of decimal places. I would like that too, and you are right that none of the investing reports provides that the way the investing transaction list does, and that the extra places are rounded when printing the transaction list.

    It would certainly be nice if this were fixed when printing the transaction list.

    It would also be useful to offer a running share balance column in the Investment Transactions report.

    One possible but admittedly inconvenient work-around would be to export the Investment Transactions report to Excel and compute the running balance there.
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  • Fisherman
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    I tried your suggestion of converting reports to spreadsheet and calculating the total there. I didn't have Excel but I did have Open Office. Once I had the report, I used the report tools to copy the file to clipboard.

    I pasted it in Open Office Calc. It took me a while to learn a little of Calc.

    By summing the previous block of new total shares column with the  shares of the current row, I obtained the results I have wanted for about a year. File can not have any blank rows. Rows with no Shares are OK since the previous Total Shares will just be repeated.

     I now have all of my mothers and my files converted and saved for future reference.
    Works pretty well.

     Thank you very much for your help. Its a sad day when you have to convert a Quicken file to a free software to obtain the required information. Thanks Again.