Residual fractional shares showing up and Remove Shares doesn't work

A few months ago I got Quicken Canada subscription and upgraded from Quicken 2014 on Windows. Everything was fine for awhile and then small residual amounts of shares started to show up in my portfolio for stocks that were sold 5-7 years ago. For example, I have .000002 shares of one stock I sold and that balance shows up on the Security Detail View. I sold all the shares and never had a fractional amount. When I go back to the original sale and select "all shares" it shows 300.000002 shares but when I try to enter that transaction Quicken tells me that I need to enter it as two transactions as I am going short. I've tried "Remove Shares" and again I get the message that I would be going short the shares. There is no way to get rid of these small fractional shares that are showing up. I've now got 4 different companies doing this from sales in 2015 and 2013. All of them cannot be removed. I'm trying Quicken again to see if the many bugs that there in 2014 have been fixed. So far the ones I've checked haven't been fixed and this is a new one. I'll post another bug soon. :'(


  • Bob_L
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    I don't have the Canadian version but check to see if there is a File, File operations, Validate and Repair, option and see if that helps.  I would check validate and repair and rebuild investing lots.  Backup first.
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  • Whirly
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    Thanks, Bob. Didn't do anything (but I found other errors apparently). If I add shares to the stock it doesn't show and if I remove shares it doesn't show. The .000002 continues to show in my portfolio. I have another at .000011 and one at .000004 shares.
  • Whirly
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    I still have these tiny fractional shares of stock I owned 10+ years ago showing up in my Investing portfolio. These were not there in Quicken 2014 but came when I went to the Canadian Quicken Subscription. This is annoying. Why should I have .000002 shares, .000011 and .000004 shares of stock I sold a decade ago continue to show up in my portfolio. Is there anyone from Quicken that can fix this? Never had this problem with the non-subscription version.
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