Locking a closed account to make it read-only

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I don't think that Quicken for Mac has this feature. (Someone can tell me if it does.) I have a large list of hidden accounts that are "closed", meaning that they have zero balances, are hidden, and are disconnected from online services. But they're not locked. I'd like to see a feature where you can lock those accounts so that they become read-only, and function as true archives. That means that you can't change anything in the account unless you unlock it first.

Here's why. A few days ago, my wife was rummaging around in one of our hidden accounts from the 90's that's been closed for many years. She was looking for some old transactions for a report that she was compiling. In the course of looking up these transactions, she accidentally managed to delete two transactions in one of them. When I went back in to Quicken a few days later, an account that was closed for many years suddenly had a $ 11,000 balance in it. Of course, I didn't know that she'd been rooting around in there, and assumed that goblins were at work. After I talked to her and realized what had probably happened, It took a couple of hours of comparing that account with one from an old version of Quicken to track down the error and restore the transactions.

Point is, in a "closed" account 99.9% of the time you only want to reference that account, not make changes. So why not have a way to fully lock down theses account, so accidental mistakes are not made? Also, Quicken doesn't make it that easy to restore only one account from a backup, so this would make it less likely you'd have to navigate the Quicken backup and restore situation. Thoughts?
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    Hi Quicken_Tyka,

    I'd still love to see this as a feature, and I'm surprised that no one else sees it as a need. There ought to be some way to archive your Quicken data, but still let it be seen for reports, etc. etc.
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    @bates-d  Well, I voted for it! It hasn't been a problem for me, but I think such a change makes good sense.

    (I was going to note that the new reconciliation history feature would help you easily fix the situation you describe -- except most Quicken users probably aren't going to go back and re-reconcile all their transactions, and that would be necessary for the history feature to show you transactions which have been added, deleted or changed.)
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