Ability to add manual payments of different amounts in Loan Details

I ran into an issue of having a loan where the monthly payment is not a fixed amount. The interest is always based off of the balance, but the principal payment varies. The principal does not vary like a normal loan that keeps the monthly payment fixed. The monthly payment actually increases over time until the loan is payed off. I'm sure this is not a normal situation but that is the type of loan I have. Please add the ability to enter manual payments (they are still on a period that repeats) instead of only using a monthly fixed payment. This is not adding extra principal but is the actual payment schedule. One thought is adding the ability to edit the payment schedule and have the interest recalculated for each period.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Is this loan account setup to download the transactions?
    If so the principal about that is exactly this kind of situation where the loan wizard wouldn't be able to handle such a loan and the information would come from the financial institution.  The tradeoff there is that you can't manually change anything (no register).

    On the other hand if you are using a manual entry account I'm not sure I really understand the problem.  When you have a manual entry account the loan wizard sets up a reminder with the split transaction for the interest and then a transfer to the loan account for the principal part.

    There shouldn't be anything that stops you from changing the amounts in this reminder as you enter it in your checking account or even afterwards.  Quicken will recalculate the remainder of the loan based on what you have put in.  Now of course the future prediction will not be exactly right because Quicken doesn't understand that the principal amount isn't going to be the same every month, but I don't see how Quicken can know/fix that part.  You didn't even describe how the amount of principal is chosen.
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