Duplicate transactions from Wells Fargo

I have a simple set-up: two accounts at Wells Fargo, one checking and one savings. All transactions to or from an external source (i.e., not within WF, so bills paid through Quicken using WF bill pay, tax refunds, etc) show up correctly.

However, whenever I do a transfer from savings to checking on the WF web site (i.e., independent of Quicken) that transaction shows up once in the register for the savings account, but twice in the register for the checking account. This true for any transfer of funds between my accounts that I initiate on the WF web site. The transaction does show correctly (one credit to checking, one debit to savings) on the WF web site.

The two transactions that download in the checking account register have different transaction numbers. If I delete the one whose transaction number matches the transaction number in the savings account register then one transaction in savings and one in checking are deleted and the savings register is wrong. If I delete the one whose transaction number is different from the transaction number in the savings account register then only that transaction is deleted and both registers are correct.

Any ideas why this happens? I've verified my Quicken file. I can't even tell if this is a Quicken problem or a Wells Fargo problem.


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    Hi @R H L

    I like the "simple" approach that you are taking with your accounts at WF, since that usually allows one to track their finances without spending tons of time.  However I don't have a WF account (so I am not familiar with how their downloads work) and obviously also cannot "see" what you are seeing in terms of the duplicate transactions that you are downloading from WF.  But it does sound like a WF problem rather than a Quicken issue, especially because they are sending you 2 transactions in the checking account (when a transfer represents only 1 transaction in each account).

    However, I am wondering why you don't use Quicken to make those transfers between your accounts rather than using the bank's website.  I believe that could eliminate the issues that you are seeing, since Quicken should automatically perform the matching of downloaded transactions to those already entered in your accounts.


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